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Automotive Keys & Remotes

What you need to know!

Vehicles in Australia from 2000 onwards are fitted with Transponders

(Also some vehicles from 1996 - Except certain utilities up to 2005)

If you lose your only Transponder Key it can cost from $300 to $3000 to have it replaced.

We offer you Security and Peace of Mind

with spares and replacements from just $95

*Depending on your make and model

Replacement Holden Heads include -

2 & 3 button options.

Toyota Shell Replacement from - Cut & Assembled $65.

What's a Transponder Key?

Why does it cost more than a Regular Key?

A transponder is a small RF device that transmits an electronic signal when asked by another RF device. In the automotive industry

transponders are used as anti-theft devices incorporated into the head of a key which transmit a coded signal to the cars ECU.

The ECU looks for this code message at start-up & disables the engine temporarily if the signal is not found.

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